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I really feel like I’ve been a little too lax on keeping up with #Comic talk, but with our #SkeletönCrüe Evolütiön finally leveling out, it’s time for that to change..
So here is my theory on #RobinRisesOmega.. As predictable as it seems, I don’t think they’re going to bring #Damian back from the dead. With as insane as #RasAlGhul is.. I can’t see him making the #JasonTodd mistake twice.. Especially with his own grandson. They did however say that there will be a #Robin by the end of this, and I think it’s going to be #TimDrake jumping into the roll, for the first time in the #New52. Tim refused the Robin title out of respect for the late Jason Todd but seeing how #RedHood is doing just fine these days, I don’t foresee Tim having any issue with it anymore.
Like I said, this is just my theory, what’s yours??
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