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My first #DCcomics pickup since #BatMan66?? Anyway, I really enjoyed this read, I’ve been on a #LanterCorps kick lately and I don’t know why.. So when I saw this I couldn’t resist. Up to now I’ve only caught #Sinestro in passing, I had no prior connection to this character in any way, and now? I can’t wait to read his next issue, and I think I may be riding this run for a while.
#SinestroCorps #Comics #ComicBooks #SkeletönCrüe

And there we have it folks, all is right in my little world again, #SuperiorSpiderMan has come to its end. This was one hell of a series and I honestly loved every minute of it. Now I really don’t think that Doc Ock is really gone for good, but never the less, I’m going to miss him after this epic that we shared. This concept turned out to be one of my favorite Spider-Runs ever and that’s saying something.. I couldn’t be more stoked to pickup on the All New #AmazingSpiderMan kicking off later this month. A few lose ends have been tied for now, but there is still an unreal amount of damage control that #PeterParker has on his plate, and I can’t wait to see how he takes it on.
#Marvel #SpiderMan #ComicBooks #SkeletönCrüe #RevJayLeal

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