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Alright, my neutrality to this day isn’t the result of anything other than my own understanding of reality.
Given my upbringing, I feel it’s fair to say that I hold the equivocal knowledge and understanding of the true nature of Christianity that one who holds the meaningless title of “Reverend” should. Side note, I say meaningless because anyone with internet access can become a “Reverend”.. I’ve done it twice :)
Anyway back to my point.. I do in fact wish everyone out there a very #HappyEaster. Let’s be real about what today is actually about though..
The western world has such a devastatingly misconception on the life and times of #JesusChrist that it’s become hard for me to stomach. #Jesus was crucified, died and was buried, and on the third day he rose again.. Ok, sure I’ll buy that, I believe it, but that didn’t happen today.. April 20th wasn’t when that happened. I don’t intend on what I am saying to spark controversy and it isn’t me poo-pooing on the holiday of #Easter, I’m simply asking the world to stop branding days of insignificant value with the name of a prophet of good will. Today is about novelty eggs and giant bunny mutates.. That’s it.. It isn’t a holy day of obligation. If you truly want to honor the death and resurrection of Christ… Let’s actually figure out when this happened, and dedicate that same day every year to honoring that event instead of it being something different every year. I mean we have a set date for Christmas.. It too is inaccurate, but at least it’s consistent. With that being said, April 20th really only represents one thing so smoke ‘em if you got ‘em and have a great day ;)
(Again, I mean no disrespect to anyone reading this. It’s just a glimpse of the world through my eyes.)

My first #DCcomics pickup since #BatMan66?? Anyway, I really enjoyed this read, I’ve been on a #LanterCorps kick lately and I don’t know why.. So when I saw this I couldn’t resist. Up to now I’ve only caught #Sinestro in passing, I had no prior connection to this character in any way, and now? I can’t wait to read his next issue, and I think I may be riding this run for a while.
#SinestroCorps #Comics #ComicBooks #SkeletönCrüe

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